About Us

Kartik's journey

Kartik’s Journey: Stain-glass window made in 2019 by artist Maria Cristina to honour the memory of Kartik Prabhu. Located at Foundress Court, Pembroke College.

The Kartik Foundation (Kartik Prabhu Memorial Foundation) is a charitable foundation set up in the UK to commemorate the spirit of Kartik Prabhu, a thoughtful young man who left this world tragically early at the age of 19 while studying at Pembroke College, Cambridge University.

Our objectives are to act as a resource for young and disadvantaged people to advance in life by providing advice and assistance towards educational programmes, skill development initiatives and other activities as a means of developing their skills, capacities and capabilities to enable them to participate in society as independent, mature and responsible individuals.

The projects are defined each year by the trustees of the foundation and operationalised along with various partner organisations. Funds for the projects are currently raised through contributions of family and friends but this will expand to other donors as the charity grows.

The charitable initiatives were launched in October 2017 and The Kartik Foundation charity was formalised in March 2020. We are deeply grateful for the generous and heartfelt support of our friends, family and colleagues in developing these initiatives and helping us build the charity further.

Meet The Team

Mr. Tushar Prabhu,
Chair of Trustees

After training in civil engineering and urban planning, Tushar has pursued careers in the built environment, philanthropy and social enterprise, working at high levels in renowned private, public and non-profit organisations across Europe, the US and Asia. One of his current initiatives supports global climate change leaders improve their impact.

Mrs. Rewati Prabhu,

An architect and urban designer by training, Rewati has led award-winning master-planning projects in the USA, India, Africa and the UK for over 25 years. A passionate proponent of sustainable development, she has also been a co-founder of a pioneering youth enterprise program which has nurtured over 5000 budding entrepreneurs in India.

Dr. Sudhanshu Palsule,

A globally acclaimed author, educator and leadership philosopher, Dr Palsule advises CEOs of Fortune 500 companies, governments and changemakers across the world. A leading thinker in the field of transformative leadership, his work uniquely brings together research in neurology, psychology, quantum physics and philosophy.

Mr. John Fowler,

A Chartered Accountant with over 30 years of finance, accounting and audit experience gained from working in an award winning Engineering Consultancy, and a major Facilities Management provider. He has worked on a variety of Private Finance Initiative Projects, and Property Development, Acquisition, Financing and Disposal Projects.

Ms. Brittany Downes,
Executive Assistant

With over 8 years experience as an EA & PA in construction & finance companies, and a background in research, Brittany uses her organisational skills within a multifaceted role. Assisting in the day-to-day running of the charity and initiatives, she works closely with the Trustees to further the charity’s objectives.