ReFAB is our way of finding meaning and delight in the age of waste

ReFAB is a pioneering social enterprise focused on upcycling and upskilling. Our aim is to upcycle high-quality “waste” fabric donated by top brands into bespoke lifestyle products, while also upskilling women from disadvantaged backgrounds.

ReFAB is stitching together underutilised fabrics and underutilised skills in one beautiful solution. We follow fair trade principles, zero-waste designs and are committed to building sustainable communities.

Since our inception in 2020, ReFAB has upcycled over 500 kgs of fabric into some 700+ products and upskilled over 30 women in the UK and India.

ReFAB’s impacts include:

  • Reducing fabric waste destined for the landfill
  • Upskilling women and creating livelihoods
  • Reducing carbon and water usage
  • Creating sustainable and ethical products for conscious consumers

Our products are created from gorgeous fabrics donated by leading brands like Designers Guild and Altfield who are committed to reducing waste as well as supporting upskilling.

ReFAB is currently retailing at selected exclusive pop-ups as well as having launched its website in mid-2023. All profits are reinvested in upcycling and upskilling.