A space for young people from all backgrounds to develop and share creative writing.


We have launched WriteSpace in partnership with Westminster School for 16-18 year olds interested in creative writing. Our goal is to breathe life back into creative writing within schools. We aim to do this by promoting diversity and inclusion with speakers from a range of backgrounds and disciplines to lead workshops with Westminster and maintained sector students school together in an inclusive, friendly and inspiring space.

Expertly Crafted Sessions
WriteSpace is made up of a series of creative writing workshops designed to inform students on creative writing practices, inspire them with fresh ideas, and ultimately provide them with an inclusive space to produce their own creative writing. Our sessions blend insight from experts in the fields of poetry, prose and journalism with expert support of the English language teaching staff at Westminster.

Prize Entry
To inspire WriteSpace students, we have created the “Spark Awards” which will be adjudicated by Dr. Ankhi Mukherjee, Professor of English and World Literatures at the University of Oxford.

The session was not at all what I expected it to be. It was something unique and different. The University Professor was brilliant at keeping us engaged and interested in the novels and helped us understand the importance they have in current times. It felt refreshing to see someone from an ethnic minority background in her status and someone so proud of their background and ethnicity. As someone who has always struggled to find representation of south-east Asian females in the world of literature and liberal arts, it was relieving to see someone like her. Her dedication and love for literature was felt in the way she spoke to us.

For more information on WriteSpace, please visit its dedicated page https://www.writespace.uk/